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Post  Knight on Sat Feb 09, 2008 8:18 pm

Matrix of Civilization Matrixreloaded05

Matrix of Civilization 3-3c

Our world is much like the many ways.
Ever notice how a motherboard looks like a city? (city = civilization)

Matrix of Civilization 2003122008h02098viet6

Matrix of Civilization City_cobis_microchips_electronic

*motherboard & city

The matrix analogy with our codes of moral as the operating system, and our
"system" as hardware, is an intriquing one. especially as UK are
allready talking about automated judges. And denmark being the
spineless bunch of gummibears that we are, have talked about it aswell.
The reasoning, and perhaps why i found the joke so funny, is that it
will make the court more fair.

You feed the matrix the outcome of cases 100 years back, and it will evaluate
your case based on similar trials in the past. I admit i can follow it to a point,
the computer is not biased against you for how you look, or anything
else like that, but the computer is a dummy and whoever controls the
strings would have to be of exceptional high ethics, and somehow i have
stopped believing that such a thing would come from my system.

In the hands of the current Operating System, it will become absolutely draconian.

You're on to something. Quite obviously we are word controlled beings,
that is what political correctness is all about IMO. We react
negatively on certain words because of the mental images associated
with them, so if we call things something else that are not outright
lying it smoothens the effect it has on people. No need for a square
hat to figure that one out. So what is really interresting would be to
figure out how excactly this word matrix works. As my example shows
there is quite obviously a legal matrix, in fact to a degree where it
can just flat out be given to a computer.

Do we really know we create our reality. And alot of us, impose our reality
onto others who don't want it and are unwilling, so what we see comes from
others, IMO. And at the same time we are innocent people being used by others,
see what big brother does all the time. We absorb so much we don't even
know it.

We need to understand how we look at things, how we
label, and what we go by. In this case we get away from being used by
words/symbols from those who create their own reality for us.

Words are very powerful and can be used as weapons, understanding how they
work and how to shield ourselves from all the subliminals should be taught
at a young age, since children are so senstive to peer pressure and all that.
The matrix system sounds as if we are based on repetitions, loops and cycles,
quite android like or the next step in human slavery?

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Post  Knight on Sat Feb 09, 2008 8:20 pm

Matrix of Civilization I2-112

The legal system is a word matrix

The whole court system is a battle between what you could almost called
“modern knights” i.e. lawyers (and I don’t mean that in an honorable
sense) A law firm is like a court of knights.

But in these days,
instead of fighting with jousts, lances and swords…they’re fighting
with the knowledge of legal words (swords – the “s”)

The legal system is also a masonic system…in charge of regulating and moving money.

Matrix of Civilization Matrixbulletshu0

You know that the birthdate on the passport of Neo is stated 11 sept 2001.
I will locate this little shot of a frame next time.

“The Matrix is a System, Neo, and that System is our Enemy. When you are
inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, Teachers,
Lawyers, Carpenters, the very minds of the people we are trying to
save. But until we do, these people are part of that System and that
makes them our Enemies. You have to understand most of these people are
not ready to be unplugged. And many are so hopelessly dependent on the
System that they will fight to protect it.”


I believe the Matrix is a movie with many levels, many meanings.
Everybody (with the thinking/feeling-ability intact) sees something in

For me it's less political and more spiritual/psychological.
About how we are living in a pleasant day-dream, not knowing the horror
of reality. A reality very few of us want to deal with. The reality
that we're in a dream and don't really exist.

Another truth I see in the movie is how we are food. Food for some greater power.
This rhymes very well with how I see the universe. Everything is eaten by
something else. According to the Fourth Way man has a choice: be eaten
by the Moon (not good) or be eaten by the Sun (very good).

Neo also represents the perfected man who has broken free from all his
(psychological) chains and achieved his own independence and power. He
has liberated himself. By the help of others who had done it before
him. (Morpheus and his group.) An almost exact picture of the esoteric
principle of spiritual training and development.

Did you know this story was written by a black housewife in California?

yeah, that's an interesting scene.

to me, what's she's basically saying is that she's pulling all the strings
as far as the rebels are concerned. she's orchestrating the whole
rebellion and appearance of "the one"

the oracle had a special message/mission for each character, that were private:
the oracle told morpheus that he'd find "the one"...this caused him to find neo
the oracle told neo that morpheus made a mistake in choosing him, and that
neo will die because of it...and also that neo might be "the one" in
his next life (hinting at reincarnation)
the oracle told trinity that "the one", would be the person she loved...
and that person would die then what you had unfold was a tale of causality
being played out. each character fulfilling their mission from the oracle.

morpheus found neo; and neo sacrificed his life for morpheus...but trinity was
the only character of the crew that knew all along that neo was
supposed to die. ...if he didnt die, then he wasnt "the one"; so you
could see at the end that trinity was anticipating his death ...and
after he died, it was her kiss (her love) that initiated the rebirth of
neo, who then began his next life as "the one" (just like the oracle
hinted at) but the point was, that none of this would've happened if
the oracle wasn't influencing those character's missions and purposes.
the sequel, matrix reloaded goes into the causality of it all in more
detail like in this scene for example:

This is human language in computer code:

WHILE §345 DO // Police enciting a riot
while the law/regulation §345 is active, and the police encite a riot and youre cought
IF RFID = (Type:"Citizen") THEN // Arrest disobedient citizen
If your RFID tag says "citizen" you will be arrested and found guilty (order §345)

or else
IF RFID = (Type:"Elite") THEN // a night out with everything paid for a present
under another law called 0012

Why this is funny to someone with a small amount of programming knowledge
is that these programming languages are so similar to law. In fact,
both are called "code" a "code" of ethics is a certain program of
behaviour. A program that deciphers behaviour are code. All very
confusing, no seriously. This is one of the key points for me in the
matrix, that society as we know and understand it, its laws, how they
work are just parring words with eachother, like a matrix.

So the above is an example of matrix code, how law works. If the coppers catch you for
doing something you shouldnt, youre done. If they catch you and you have the right name,
nothing happens as it is understood by a computer.

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Post  Knight on Sat Feb 09, 2008 8:22 pm


mahabarata wrote:I will read the post in full (I have lots of redaing to do seems of late...!)
and comment on it but something caught my eye...

This is a bit synchronistic...

I was watching an program about the old Vedic influenced civilisation of Ankor Wat...

The Space Shuttle did a pass over the site back in 1994/1995 if I remember
correctley...Archeologists persuaded NASA to do it and take pictures
with a then newly developed radar imaging sysytem that was far more
powerful than previously available...

Sorry maha, i had to move your post as we organize better. Please understand...

I tell you the way the had the grid system laid out with the Temple in the middle (CPU...?)
and the canals/dwellings surrounding it from the eleveated height it looked
like you guess what...

A chip motherboard I thought to myself...

I also thought I made out a swastika too but may have read too much into it...

Sorry maha, i had to move your post as we organize better. Please understand...

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Post  joann on Thu Feb 28, 2008 6:19 pm

Ciggy wrote:I've been taking it for granted lately that everybody knows civilization is the Matrix.
I guess most bloggers know about the matrix.

This is a good wake up to the Matrix video:


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Post  Lady on Mon Mar 03, 2008 12:24 pm

One new technology could mean there will soon be
nowhere to hide for any of us. The big high street retailers are
experimenting with putting tiny computer chips in their merchandise.
These chips are called Radio Frequency
Identification (RFID) tags. Potentially, they could be used to track
the products and the people who buy them, out of the shops and into
their homes.

Matrix of Civilization _41686194_money3_203 Dutch clubbers can have electronic trackers inserted in their bodies

One day, RFID chips could be on everything we buy, and it may not stop there.
Similar chips are also being implanted in
patients in American hospitals, to act as minute ID cards and to track
them through the medical system.
A world where everything and everybody
can be tracked at any time, day or night, is a prospect which fills
some observers with horror.
"You won't be able to hide from the
system by closing your door or closing your curtains or hiding behind a
wall," says privacy campaigner Christopher McDermott.
"The X-ray eyes of the state and of big
corporates will be able to see through those, and will be able to see
right into your very personal and private life."
Has business become the real Big Brother?

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